Arctic Territory

Webcam project

The Webcam Project aims at the installation of many cameras in the Arctic in order to let people from everywhere in the world to see the Great North.

How to participate ?

You live in the Arctic and you got a webcam? You are part of an organization or are working for a school or a community center and you would be interested to show your whereabouts?

Nothing easier! You only have to drop us an email, call us or send us a letter and we will be happy to tell you about the procedure so that you can be part of this adventure.

Are you wondering what the environment and the everyday life of the Canadian Arctic’s various communities look like?

You can discover it here, thanks to live pictures broadcasted from the Great North.

How to participate ?

You are inspired and intrigued by the pictures you just saw? Leave us your comments, impressions or inquiries in the area provided. You can also launch a discussion, ask questions and answer the questionings of other net surfers if you feel like it.